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Topic subjectnot sure...
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11203, not sure...
Posted by guest, Sun Mar-25-01 07:03 PM
... but why the hell ai'nt I on that Killa Queens list buddy!!!

Cause when you say you love me, it doesn't matter.
I never take it serious bitch I laugh @ cha.
For the simple fact I aint know you were weak
The first day I met cha I smack ya ass cheeks
I mean... I aint sayin there's somethin' wrong wit that...
It's all good... gimme some dap!
I mean, I'm just coolin but yo
What you expect me to do for if u ain't signin' my checks or writin' my flows, or rockin my shows, buying my clothes or sumthin!
YO! again, when you say you love me
It don't matter
If aint trying to make my bank account phatter
(c) SV - The Look Of Love Pt. 2

go 'head...feel some type way!