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Topic subjectYo-Did I make the CUT ???...n/m
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11202, Yo-Did I make the CUT ???...n/m
Posted by ABACUS, Sun Mar-25-01 05:11 PM
Abacus & Eledef-THE FOUNDERS OF Urantie & Fantie Smoke (c) 1999

"Writing is breathing for me to breathe is to write/my only substance to life before I touch the mike/imagine being suffocated when your thoughts leave/and try to understand for me what it means to breathe"-"Breathe Write" Flo Brown

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" Mao Tse-Tung

"For whom do we aspire to reflect our own people's death?
For whose entertainment shall we sing our agony?
In what hopes, that the destroyers aspiring to extinguish us, will suffer remorse at their own fantastic success?
The last imbecile to dream such a dream is dead, killed by the saviors of his own dream."

Ayi Kwei Armah


"Decipher prophecies on inane species"-Asian Disciple of Original Mindstate

"You only a BIG BALLER if you got a HERNIA"-Thirstin Howl III (Skillosopher)

OKP KILLA QUEENS CONNECTION: Abacus, Kass, Dreadmedia, Wise_7, Kam4, geenice, Elephant Defecation, Jack Spade, madwriter, tynie626 !!!

Abacus-also known as Flo Brown's numero uno fan !!!!!!!!