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Posted by keynote, Mon Mar-19-01 04:29 PM
(I posted this in the "Reviews" section, not realizing that all of the discussion was going on over *here*)

I was at the 9:30 screening of Brooklyn Babylon last night at BAM here in Brooklyn. I'll briefly list the pros and cons (and I'll try to keep it spoiler-free by speaking in generalities, but if I slip up, don't kill me):


* Hub = scene stealer
* Dope music throughout--the score as well as the numbers from the band
* Black Thought's performance--Common won't be adding him to his "Exceptions to 'Brothers don't know how to act'" list anytime soon; but Trotter was a lot better than I expected.
* The decision to contrast Rastafarianism and Judaism was an interesting decision that prevented "BB" from being a "Jungle Fever" retread.
* Rahzel = dope narrator
* Random cameos from all your hip-hop favorites--there hasn't been a good ol' fashioned hip-hop cameo fest since "Who's Da Man?"


* Most of the "learning" in the core relationship was one-sided: the Jewish girl learned about hip-hop, Jah, dreds, etc. In contrast, Trotter's character didnt' seem to be too curious or inquisitive about Sarah's culture and beliefs. The movie was more about correcting misconceptions about aspects of Black culture, and didn't really attempt to do the same for Jewish culture.
* The Jewish boyfriend character was cliche and wooden--he was a walking plot device designed to create friction.
* The brewing conflict between BT and his boy/agent was never resolved.
* Sometimes the flow of the movie was choppy: it's as if I was reading a book with a page or two missing every chapter or so. Sure, I can piece things together, but it disrupts things.

Overall, it was entertaining, if a little heavy-handed. I definitely recommend it to anyone who can get the chance to see it.

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