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Topic subjectSo this happened last nite.
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209934, So this happened last nite.
Posted by Brew, Sat Mar-09-19 02:47 PM
Pretty surreal. Wife is still shaking about it haha. Originally I thought (as I posted above in January) that this was gonna be a backstage/VIP thing but later I found out that the plan was to bring us on stage for this Q&A portion of her show, so that's what is in the video below. It was pretty fucking cool not gonna lie. It was wild standing on stage in front of 10k (give or take) people talking to KC. Considering how anxious I was about this whole thing it went really well.

I'll come back with more stories, it was a really fun nite - but figured I'd post the vid here for anyone interested. Apparently we may also be flown out to LA in the fall to be on KC's new talk show so we'll see if that comes to fruition.

As for the show, I'm not a KC fan per se ... her music isn't necessarily my cup of tea but she has fucking PIPES for days. And her band was *outstanding*. So all in all a great show even if it's not really my preferred music.

Anyway here's the vid. We come in around the 14 minute mark.