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Topic subjectHaha - well, yes, of course!
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209822, Haha - well, yes, of course!
Posted by Brew, Wed Dec-16-15 04:05 PM
>This wedding celebration looks fun. Yes, I'd be the black
>dude in the background celebrating at some point. That woman
>in the white dress looks like she works on her shoulders. I
>mean in that in the most respectful way possible of course.

Haha thank you - as I mentioned in one of my responses above, she is a personal trainer and teaches classes at gyms in Boston so yes - she definitely works on her shoulders and I wouldn't have taken that as any kind of disrespect.

>Did y'all practice the choreography or was it on the spot?
>Congratulations on the wedding and I wish you and your family
>the best.

I had no idea this was happening so I was just as surprised as she was, though not as excited or animated. I'm standing to her left and she comes up to me a few times at the beginning kind of like "WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON?!?" and you can almost see me lip "I don't know!!" haha.

I guess her cousins sent a mass e-mail to a bunch of our friends asking them all to practice the dance. There's videos online apparently so it can be done alone in your home with minimal instruction and you don't have to be with the group to choreograph it. It's a pretty simple dance in hindsight but at the time I was so impressed by it haha.

>Watch this start Wedding Warz with people trying to top this