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Topic subjectHaha definitely. And thanks.
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209794, Haha definitely. And thanks.
Posted by Brew, Wed Dec-16-15 12:12 PM
>she cried like Kelly was in the building

She really did.

Thanks to everyone above too. In response to the person who said that my boys were good sports about it, you are 100% right. You have no idea. The kid that came in for the "third verse" is one of my longtime best friends, known him since I was like 9. If you look closely right at the end of the chorus that leads into that verse, you can see him kinda sneaking through the crowd to go up to my wife, which is why she reacted the way she did. He previously had no part in the mob which was intentional. You can see my reaction too, I die laughing and clap cause the kid came out of nowhere unexpectedly. Was awesome.

I think my favorite part is how my wife, who is a personal trainer and gym instructor as a side job, picked up on the dance in 2 minutes. From what I understand it took the rest of that crew like weeks and in some cases months to learn that dance and she picked it up by the third verse. Haha.