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Topic subjecthe's improving. he used to take jabs at my childhood
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209751, he's improving. he used to take jabs at my childhood
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Dec-17-19 02:26 PM
Granted, he's still a dishonest, disingenuous snake.

I posted about getting called into the office for being less that friendly toward a woman who I couldn't walk past without her asking me a million questions about whatever case she was working on, despite the fact that we have a whole department for that exact thing.

She never knew anything about anything, ever, and she needed to either learn how to do the job, or use the resources we're given, and not use me as her personal handbook.

So not only is he showing his true self by devolving into these sorts of personal jabs, he's giving us a glimpse of that extra layer of awful inside him by blatantly misrepresenting the situation.

He has zero integrity.