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Topic subjectRE: ^^thinks OKPs buy albums
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90753, RE: ^^thinks OKPs buy albums
Posted by DredScott, Sun Oct-07-07 04:29 AM
>nah, half of his fanbase doesnt reside on this board, IMO.
>maybe half his downloaders. He'll be aight, he just gotta put
>the shovel down at some point.

maybe but it doesn't matter dude will be on koch soon enough.

>wow, all i had to do is challenge someones opinion to get
>opinions on MY music? sweet.

you challenging me really doesn't matter, if i woulda saw your avy and sig before i woulda have told you about that "ringman" cut earlier. i been playing that mega ran lp the last couple weeks and there's 3 cuts i really like but i'm pissed that "ringman" is dope as fuck for like a minute and change, then the beat switches and it all goes downhill. hook me up with a version without the beat change.

>FYI: 2 consecutive posts, you've used the word 'gay' to
>describe someone's music.

and your point is? gay is pretty much an all-purpose insult in my vocabulary. it has very little to do with actual homosexuality, just another way to call someone/something wack.

>I'll be back.

hopefully with that full version of "ringman" minus the wack beat change.