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Topic subjectWhere you get Geto Boys outta Lupe?
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90736, Where you get Geto Boys outta Lupe?
Posted by DJ Contact, Sat Oct-06-07 01:38 PM
But that ghetto, but still intelligent, fun and ecclectic type shit Lupe likes to be on was pioneered by cats like Com, Tribe, De La, etc.

He's way more Stakes Is High/Midnight Maruders than he is any of the shit he name-checked hismelf growing up on....which is why its so odd that he would buck that shit. I hear no NWA, Spice-1 or Eightball and MJG in his style...

The people who fuck with him the hardest fuck with him because he reminds them of those people, most of the mainstream crowd he's tryna look cool for prolly just thinks he's a herb.