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Topic subjectY'all niggas funny
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90727, Y'all niggas funny
Posted by Mafamaticks, Sat Oct-06-07 01:09 PM
y'all put him in a box and mad cause he ain't fit in it. 'Cause he make a certain type of music he has to fulfill prerequisites that y'all set up for him?. FOH.

It's a lot of classic albums that niggas ain't heard. He listened to what he listened to just like y'all did. But becasue he ain't listen to what you listened to it's a problem? Really?

On some real shit, niggas should have recommended the album and kept it moving. But nope. Y'all fucking niggas on some, "I'll tell you what you should do." FOH.

Niggas ain't address anything in his post. Y'all just wanna be angry together.

And half of y'all niggas in here going in 'cause ?uest wanted him to listen to it.