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Topic subjectwhen did not knowing classics make you less of an emcee?
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90715, when did not knowing classics make you less of an emcee?
Posted by Heinz, Sat Oct-06-07 12:03 PM
i mean for someone that doesnt know the words to a classic and yall wildin out about it right now, he still made a better album than a lot of the emcees that know Tribe records forwards and backwards..i dont get why you even care, its not his music directly influenced by Tribe or anyone like that (and he admits who he grew up on) nor does it reflect it, so why do you expect him to know everything about Tribe just because YOU do...and yall are going on with this "you're fake lupe, you're a poser" word?..because being in the pigeonhole of "real hiphop" genre is where the money is at? lol nah. its not. so why would he fake to be in that category? certainly wasn't for the money and last time i checked u cant buy things with a currency called "respect" lol. losers.

stop with the convincing him to listen to the album lol i agree great album. amazing even. but is it gonna make or break your day if he listens to the album, yall stressing it like its a life decision ON YOUR PART lol calm down. music is great. but its not that serious.