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90711, FOH.
Posted by Majhik101, Sat Oct-06-07 05:05 PM
>Lupe hasn't heard Midnight Marauders in it's entirety. Oh
>fucking well. Get the fuck over yourselves. Man ya'll are
>being sensitive. What's gonna happen when ya'll find out that
>Blu has never heard Death Certificate and that Thought never
>made it past track 2 on Straight Outta Compton. How mad are
>ya'll gonna be when the news breaks that Andre 3000 never
>heard Illadelph Halflife? Who's world is gonna be destroyed
>when it's revealved that Lil' Wayne never checked out Aquemini
>and that The Clipse never listened to The Chronic?

did u even read that shit before hitting the post button?