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Topic subjectits all about respect, homie...
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90696, its all about respect, homie...
Posted by jambone, Sat Oct-06-07 12:55 PM
>i was alluding to a recent article where Pusha T reps tribe
>hard. And i think you are on point about how Lupe seem to
>revel in his ignorance.

Pusha T understands you give respect where respect is due. And really, Pusha T's style is different from Tribe's. Yet, he still gives it up.

>And the whole "i grew up on gangsta rap" is kinda hilarious to
>me. Just because when MM came out, nobody paid attention to
>categories. You pumped the Snoop album and Midnight Marauders.
>I'm a lil older but we just played what was hot where i'm

Yep, why did Snoop Dogg do a remake of Lodi Dodi and paying an homage to Slick Rick? He was from Long Beach, CA. lol

>but i'm not even hating, he just seems to be playing this on
>some hyper hubris shit.