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Topic subjectIts not that...its not even about Tribe really...its his blatant disrespect
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90694, Its not that...its not even about Tribe really...its his blatant disrespect
Posted by jambone, Sat Oct-06-07 11:26 AM
...like he thinks its cute and funny to make fun of the fact that he aint too interested in hearing Midnight Maruders.

These n*ggas paved the way for him, and for him to make light and have blatant disregard for the pioneers of the game, that paved the way for his black ass, is trifling to say the least.

it just goes to show, the n*gga aint got no foundation.

all he had to say is that he aint heard midnigh maruders, it just not his cup of tea. even though that might sound strange, folks would accept it. but it was the manner in which he said it and carried it like that album and them was insignificant...like he got better things to do...thats what made the Lupe believers into non-believers....and made Lupe look like a clown he more than likely is. He is dissing the main reason for his existence in the rap game, on a site (okayplayer) where most of his small fanbase is. A fanbase that also reveres that album, the music, and the genre Lupe has barely thrived in.

you don't sh*t where you eat.

Lupe forgot that princple, because he was so gassed on all the "love" he got from okp. He was feeling himself too much, and slipped up. And now n*ggas are starting to see him for who he is and what he is not.

>I'm a huge Tribe Fan and i think Lupe just didn't/doesn't
>realize the magnitude of love/devotion folks have for tribe.
>And it now seems as if its like a personal boycott, to note
>pump MM. But i'm not upset or outraged that Lupe got a spot in
>the tribute.
>Would I have liked Pusha T who has repped Tribe in plenty
>interviews, for sure. But Lupe has his lane and he's a branch
>of the Tribe tree although once removed.
>I'm just saying he had to know the backlash was coming and
>although i don't feel like he had to say shit, you gotta
>respect his cojones.
>and i cant rep that chris brown album. but whatever bong bong