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Topic subjectBut you gotta respect the irony/outrage
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90693, But you gotta respect the irony/outrage
Posted by Mr Mystery, Sat Oct-06-07 10:58 AM
I'm a huge Tribe Fan and i think Lupe just didn't/doesn't realize the magnitude of love/devotion folks have for tribe. And it now seems as if its like a personal boycott, to note pump MM. But i'm not upset or outraged that Lupe got a spot in the tribute.

Would I have liked Pusha T who has repped Tribe in plenty interviews, for sure. But Lupe has his lane and he's a branch of the Tribe tree although once removed.

I'm just saying he had to know the backlash was coming and although i don't feel like he had to say shit, you gotta respect his cojones.

and i cant rep that chris brown album. but whatever bong bong