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Topic subjectI dont think the problem is that you didnt listen to it as a kid
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90680, I dont think the problem is that you didnt listen to it as a kid
Posted by 83, Sat Oct-06-07 10:34 AM
That's understandable.

I didn't get into hip hop at all until 2002 (I'm 24).

But that doesn't mean that I didn't go back and check out earlier stuff just so I could have a better understanding of Hip Hop as a historical art form.

To ME it looks like you're not listening to all of MM because we want you to, and that's where all this arguing back and forth comes from.

Like all the stars are alligned for you to listen (Quest hooked you up with a copy, you know at least know what MM is, you probably have a small amount of free time considering your busy schedule) and you still don't check it out?

People on here (well some of them, some of them just like to argue with a celebrity) genuinely want you to be aware of great music but it seems like you keep trying to put a square toy in a round hole in terms of not checking it out, and then publicly saying you arent checking it out...

Had it been me, I would have not addressed the issue on here once I saw that it pissed people off, but maybe that's why I'm not famous, some comprises aren't worth it I guess...