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Topic subjectTwo false statements here:
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90668, Two false statements here:
Posted by DJ Contact, Sat Oct-06-07 09:34 PM
>I aint seen Krush Groove.
>I aint seen Beat Street
>I aint seen Breakin
>I aint got no Slick Rick
>I aint got no Jungle Brothers
>That stuff was IRRELEVANT where I grew up at.

That stuff was relevant as fuck, because for most, movies like Krush Groove and Beat Street were their first interactions with hip-hop...just like Colors spread LA gang culture across the world.

You may not have fucked with it, but I guarantee some people in your area did, or there wouldn't be hip hop there.

I grew up and live right up the road from the Chi, and I got plenny friends from there, and I know these things existed there and people fucked with em.

But I also know how South and West Coast heavy the Midwest is, so I know where you're coming from there too.

>Last time I checked, Too Short and NWA were massively more >influential and impactful than Tribe and its not really close. >Thats what dude grew up listening to.

Iono when and where you checked, but that's blatantly false...Tribe's tree is equal to or bigger than Too Short and NWA's trees. From Tribe you got Busta, The Roots, Nas, Mobb Deep, Mos, Dilla, Little Brother, 'Ye, Pharrell, etc...all kinds of groups and artists that Tribe fucked with directly or were influenced by them.