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Topic subjectRE: Truthfully, I find it as odd, cuz its one of my top 5 favorite albums
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90663, RE: Truthfully, I find it as odd, cuz its one of my top 5 favorite albums
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Sat Oct-06-07 10:28 AM
>But I'm from his part of the country so I completely
>When I moved to East Coast and would go to parties in Philly
>and New York and the DJ would play all these song I had never
>heard off in my life. I would be standing there like..."Ya'll
>niggas dance to this? What is this? Tell that nigga to put
>quit playing and put on some Ying Yang Twins"
>Of course if you come out and say you aint heard emcee such
>and such, your credibility gets challenged. Which is why so
>many kats on here and people in general rush to go make sure
>they have the Hip Hop Checklist of Albums that prove you are
>down. Now your opinion is valid cuz you can pull out your copy
>of Black Moon and say "Here it is!! I HAVE IT!! I KNOW WHAT
>I aint seen Krush Groove.
>I aint seen Beat Street
>I aint seen Breakin
>I aint got no Slick Rick
>I aint got no Jungle Brothers
>That stuff was IRRELEVANT where I grew up at.

actually WHERE u grew up is irrelevant to HIP HOP... tuff pill to swallow for alot of u cats... but its the truth..

and dont give me any e40 BS.. that cat was a punchline for jokes all thru the early 90s...