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Topic subjectTruthfully, I find it as odd, cuz its one of my top 5 favorite albums
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90661, Truthfully, I find it as odd, cuz its one of my top 5 favorite albums
Posted by Nate Geezie, Sat Oct-06-07 09:36 AM
But I'm from his part of the country so I completely understand.

When I moved to East Coast and would go to parties in Philly and New York and the DJ would play all these song I had never heard off in my life. I would be standing there like..."Ya'll niggas dance to this? What is this? Tell that nigga to put quit playing and put on some Ying Yang Twins"

Of course if you come out and say you aint heard emcee such and such, your credibility gets challenged. Which is why so many kats on here and people in general rush to go make sure they have the Hip Hop Checklist of Albums that prove you are down. Now your opinion is valid cuz you can pull out your copy of Black Moon and say "Here it is!! I HAVE IT!! I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!

I aint seen Krush Groove.
I aint seen Beat Street
I aint seen Breakin
I aint got no Slick Rick
I aint got no Jungle Brothers

That stuff was IRRELEVANT where I grew up at.

And truthfully, I have no sympthy when kats can come on here and rip E-40 to shreads, never having heard "In A Major Way" or "The Mailman" and don't care to. But then wanna police which album you have to have heard. Last time I checked, Too Short and NWA were massively more influential and impactful than Tribe and its not really close. Thats what dude grew up listening to.


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