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Topic subjectRE: dawg u must be forgetting METHOD MAN and CREAM
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90626, RE: dawg u must be forgetting METHOD MAN and CREAM
Posted by Bombastic, Sat Oct-06-07 08:10 PM
>WU were HUGE on the east coast
>stop the revisionist history

what are you talking about? Does any of that apply to what I typed?

I asked how old you were, mentioned that I personally wasn't that big on the Wu until '94 and that in 1993 I was way more into Doggystyle than either of them.

I bought Tribe when it came out because I already had been listening to them for four years. The Wu were a whole new thing that I hadn't fully absorbed yet.

>either one of those singles were WAY bigger then anything on
>as far as popularity AND radio spins

like I said, I'd heard the Wu singles a bit (Yo!MTV Raps gave them a good amount of play but the only good rap they played in regular programming time was Snoop and Pac) but it's not like anything off either album was a true 'hit' in the traditional sense.

And I don't know what radio you're talking in Philly about unless it was college radio. Power 99 wasn't really playing any Wu in '93 or much decent hip-hop at all outside of occaisonally late-night mix shows.

In terms of chart success I'd say if anything the Tribe singles were bigger but Wu-Tang was more of a movement that had become unstoppable by the time I was leaving for my first year of college in the fall of '94. By the time Tical was dropping a month or two later I was fully on board.