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Topic subjectRE: dawg u must be forgetting METHOD MAN and CREAM
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90624, RE: dawg u must be forgetting METHOD MAN and CREAM
Posted by Elprezzo, Sat Oct-06-07 05:34 PM
mayne...wu didnt even go GOLD back then...and that was industry standard...tribe went PLATINUM with MM...when platinum wasnt easy to reach...plus how the hell do u have any idea what your "hood" was bumping when u was only 8 years old...NIGGA PLEASE!!

Award tour was BIG when it came out at the end of 93' and Electric relaxation carried that momentum into the summer when they dropped oh my god and rode that album till the end of 94'

man its so funny how twisted peoples perceptions are of history on here...

...and that still doesnt mean Lupe should be crucified for not hearing it...