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Topic subjectdamn dog, how young are you?
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90621, damn dog, how young are you?
Posted by Bombastic, Sat Oct-06-07 01:12 PM
I thought you were only like two or three years younger than me (I'm 31).

You're making me feel old with this 3rd-grade-when-Maruaders-dropped shit.

Anyway-in terms of listening for me in 1993 in high school in South Jerz it went Doggystyle in first by a mile (I never had a car but that album was in every one I got into) and second Marauders (which I bought when it came out but didn't think it was as good as Low End Theory and still don't).

I didn't really get deep into the Wu until 1994 when Meth and Dirt were getting ready to drop solos......I had heard a couple of the singles and read the Source cover issue but I was just caught up in other shit at the time. They eventually went on to be my favorite rap group of all-time but in 1993 I was still holding out hope that PE wasn't done.

As for Lupe, to me he comes off as corny with these posts as he sounds on that 'Kick Push' song. And I've been here too long to check for him based off Lesson hype, so it's whatever.

I do think it's funny that after making multiple posts about it....the dude ends up doing a Tribe tribute performance, bungling the words and then ends up making this mad post.

I ain't gonna knock the dude in terms of real life, dude is able to support himself rapping for a living which is at least respectbale to some degree. But as far as this little corner of the internet goes? 100% Herb Status.