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Topic subjectwhen were u born....cause i think u lying
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90615, when were u born....cause i think u lying
Posted by southphillyman, Sat Oct-06-07 12:34 PM
see i was alive back then
and in the hood
granted i was in philly and not nyc
but i seriously doubt it was a BIG difference between the two locations
to say that MM was as popular or getting as much spin as 36 chambers or doggystyle is pure revisitionist history
MM came out in 93 , avg. 8th grader is 13 if i'm correct
so u were born in 80?
u 26/27?
i thought u were like 22-23
even IF u were in 8th grade then i seriously doubt the avg. 8th grader was listening to tribe after the popularity of the chronic followed up by doggystyle
and even if u try to say niggas in nyc wasn't fucking wit west coast rap .....i'd think most niggas in nyc were on that wu/onyx tip by that point
as far as u witnessing women go crazy over electric relaxation,lol
let me guess. this was at the dilla tribute, foh
we know what kinda parties u go to fam
ain't no women going crazy over that shit
and show we how those two tribe records were BIG
cause i don't remember
but then again u the same dude that tried to act like reasonable doubt was big in it's day
stop stanning

i'm still shaking my head at u trying act like the avg. rap fan would rank MM over doggystyle or 36 chambers
nigga we both in philly we can easily take a sample
just spend a hour walking in barbershops or in the hood asking niggas how they rank them albums
and i bet HALF the niggas wouldnt even know what MM was
and it def. would come in 3rd