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90613, LOLz
Posted by Young H, Sat Oct-06-07 10:02 AM
>who outside of this site and a few backpackers ranks MM over
>36 chambers and doggystyle?

diehard wu heads would rank their debut over marauders, that's about it. my assertion is fair and balanced, you dont see me talking about "Beats Rhymes & Life was better than Only Built 4 Cuban Linx"

>the fact that Lupe , me and alot of other ppl NEVER EVEN HEARD
>the album proves u wrong

lupe is on some other shit
you *stay* going left field on here just because

>who back then wasn't listening to 36 chambers or doggystyle?
>u had "heads" and niggas on the corner blasting both those

people were bumping all 3.

>world tour was aight for the chorus


>and electric relaxation is best known for being the theme beat
>for the Wayans brothers show

LOLz, you know how many women go crazy over that song? i guess not. I saw them perform a year ago and trust me, the crowd wasnt going crazy because that was the wayans brothers song. Plus the show only had the song for season 1 (maybe season 2). The creators of the show chose to use that song because it was one of the illest joints out at the time, not because they were noodles. you're a funny dude.

>just stop it
>matter fact if u my age u prolly were in like 3rd-5th grade
>when that came out, so STOP LYING like u was rocking that shit
>back then fam

8th grade. my man bought the tape and made me a dub

>considering that to be true lol @ u naming OLDER tribe songs
>like u were already an estblished fam by the time MM came out

lolz, we had videos (Video Music Box/Rap City with the mayor Chris Thomas/Yo MTV Raps)

>what were u in kindergarten/1st grade bobbing ur head to

nah roxanne shante & the fat boys

my childhood was Kool DJ Red Alert every Friday and Saturday night though

>and nobody i knew was rocking MM back then and it wasn't
>getting much radio play if i remember correctly

lolz, im sure "Electric Relaxation" got as much radio spin as "Method Man"

Man listen, I went to sleep away camp at age 12 and met this kid from South Carolina who was the biggest Black Sheep fan in the world, he was my age rocking Das Efx's "Dead Serious", we would talk about the Scenario Remix and Pete Rock & CL Smooth

My final few points:
On the MTV show where people could meet and interview their favorite artists, a white kid who was around my age chose Tribe.

and while you havent heard it, there's an intro on J-Live's "The Best Part" where young kids are talking about Big Daddy Kane

i say all of this to say, I (we) grew up in the best time period for Hip-Hop music and some of us were lucky enough to be deep into it