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Topic subjectthis is pure revisionist history here:
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90612, this is pure revisionist history here:
Posted by southphillyman, Sat Oct-06-07 09:37 AM
>36 Chambers came out the same day, Doggystyle came out 2 weeks
>later and it's Marauders that everyone is still crazy about.

who outside of this site and a few backpackers ranks MM over 36 chambers and doggystyle?
the fact that Lupe , me and alot of other ppl NEVER EVEN HEARD the album proves u wrong
who back then wasn't listening to 36 chambers or doggystyle?
u had "heads" and niggas on the corner blasting both those albums
shit even my DAD was rocking doggystyle in his old school continental for months
shit i had to just use wikipedia to even know what songs were on MM
world tour was aight for the chorus
and electric relaxation is best known for being the theme beat for the Wayans brothers show
just stop it
matter fact if u my age u prolly were in like 3rd-5th grade when that came out, so STOP LYING like u was rocking that shit back then fam
considering that to be true lol @ u naming OLDER tribe songs like u were already an estblished fam by the time MM came out
what were u in kindergarten/1st grade bobbing ur head to tribe?
i had to trick my parents into buying me 36 chambers and doggystyle
and nobody i knew was rocking MM back then and it wasn't getting much radio play if i remember correctly
i do remember world tour getting spins on rap city tho
but thats about it