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Topic subjectenough people have been jerks in this post already
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90611, enough people have been jerks in this post already
Posted by Young H, Sat Oct-06-07 08:07 AM
so i'll just suffice to say there's no way you should've (could've?) missed the boat like you did

i guess you're just unaware, but MM *defined* a generation. I'm talking east, west, midwest, south, anyone who was age 13-18 and into hip-hop when that dropped was messing with it.

What's even crazier is that was their third album, there's really no reason niggas shouldnt have been on board after:

I left my wallet in el segundo
bonita applebaum
can i kick it
buddy remix (that video was everywhere and the song was on the radio)
Check The Rhime
Jazz (We Got)/Buggin Out (the video had both songs)
Scenario Remix

(This also probably means you're not familiar with De La Soul's catalogue and "dont care to be". smh, your loss.)

36 Chambers came out the same day, Doggystyle came out 2 weeks later and it's Marauders that everyone is still crazy about.

like ?uestlove said, Tribe made it possible for Lupe Fiasco to have a career making left of center music.

So yeah, you come off a tad poser-ish with the "bad guy turned good who never listened to tribe and is now skating to save the world" image.

We're supposed to feel bad/jealous because you're shooting a video with Hype Williams?
"Boo, you know how many Puff meet with no panties?"

i'll stop because im almost being a jerk here

but yeah, *we're* your core audience (the type of people who post here), so marinate on that before you come through here stunting like that