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Topic subjectJust stop posting here, fam...
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90607, Just stop posting here, fam...
Posted by jambone, Sat Oct-06-07 07:49 AM
n*ggas don't believe you no more

most n*ggas didn't believe you in the first place

sure you got your Stan ass n*ggas co-signing your every word, but they are few of them, and that group is getting smaller and smaller by the day on okp, by the way you keep burying yourself like this.

word of advice, be yourself and stop copping pleas. don't even post here anymore. if not, you'll keep ruining what little credibility you had to begin with.

who cares what the f*ck you listen to, who cares what the f*ck you like? obviously its a big deal to you to make sure people know. what part of the game is that, fam? that ain't real, homie. stop the lies, stop the facade. you need more people.