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Topic subjectawwready SPM in the building keepin it real for em
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90606, awwready SPM in the building keepin it real for em
Posted by Lil Roof, Mon Oct-08-07 09:01 PM
straight up

how much are these cats lives really lacking that their feelings are hurt cause Lu hasnt heard that album lol

its funny but sad in a sense that they are obsessing like this lol

im a dirty south brotha born in 84

i came up on gangsta as well and when I chose to seek out the qoute on qoute real shit

I never picked up any ATCQ either

maybe I will one day, I got nothing against them, especially if they did influence some of my favorite rappers, Outkast and Blackstar. but something in me has to motivate me to listen to an artist, not the urge to fit in or the desire to be deemed credible in the eyes of internet message boarders.

keep doin you Lu

and the guys in the post talkin shit will most likely continue doing them (talkin shit about everything that doesnt fit their mold or favorite style of hiphop)

forget these lames and their standardized test to be Emcees lol

and a good Emcee you definetly are homie

"The last thing they wanted was a principled nigger." - Billy Harris