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Topic subjectbasically dawg. matter fact WHY would u wanna hear it now?
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90602, basically dawg. matter fact WHY would u wanna hear it now?
Posted by southphillyman, Sat Oct-06-07 07:35 AM
i never heard the shit either, i have heard a ATCQ greatest hits CD tho (i assume alot of MM was on it)
and the shit sounded dated as fuck
i think if u listen to it now, u gon be wondering why everybody is hype about the album
if u weren't there in the moment to hear it then fuck it dawg
that shit sound dated, the lyrics are wack and the production is aight but dated as well
u gotta realize that most the niggas on this site be trying fit in with each other , so if niggas say o MM is classic this or classic that
u gon have 18 yr old white bols on here running to walmart in iowa or where ever they live to cop and become an expert on the shit
for example see how quickly everybody on this site became experts on MF doom, Slum village....and even you
when previously NOBODY was talking bout that shit

it seems like u achieved your dreams without giving two shits about ATCQ so what do you owe them or yourself for checking that shit out now, all in the past tense
fuck that. the shit u DID listen to developed u and if u sastified wit that, then u cool
fuck when u think about it Q tip is more well known for vibrate thing then MM anyway
what does that tell u?
fuck that shit homes