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Topic subjectI'm saying tho.
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90599, I'm saying tho.
Posted by Madvillain 626, Sat Oct-06-07 05:26 AM
The albums only 50 minutes..this guy talkin about I aint heard all of it. It aint Titanic, nigga. It aint a Harry Potter book, nigga. As an artist, I'm sure you're on planes a lot. During one of those flights, pop that bitch in. Not too hard.

Plus as much as you say you don't care, you bring up the incident in all of your posts, making it seem like you care a lot more than you're putting on.

P.S. I don't believe the 3 album thing. Any artist that really loves their craft, can't leave the game for too long. Too Short and Jigga said they were retiring too.

P.P.S. Stop selling drugs, nigga. lol