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Topic subjectthis is silly.
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90580, this is silly.
Posted by thebigfunk, Sat Oct-06-07 08:38 AM
Artists have been making controversial statements about the accepted Canon(s) of any given artform or genre - far more controversial than any quote Lupe's put out there - for ages. Controversial statements about a tradition's classics have virtually built pop music. And, like Lupe's, they're usually statements that, if we were two unknown folks just having a conversation together, would hardly be regarded as inflammatory but rather as the sharing of opinion and something to poke fun at someone over... the genesis of a new recurring inside joke...

In all the heat over those various controversial statements, a lot of arguments have been made for why artists need to show respect to a given tradition, indeed immerse themselves in that given tradition.

But never... never... never has the excuse you've made above been used... which basically amounts to:

"You neglecting a record hurts my feelings."

Say what?!?!?!!?

... blogging again ...