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Topic subjectRE: Nobody Really Cares If You Listen or Not..
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90579, RE: Nobody Really Cares If You Listen or Not..
Posted by Levar Burden, Sat Oct-06-07 02:11 AM
>It's the way that you dismissed a classic record that has
>touched millions of lives just to make a point. "I've never
>listened to Midnight and I don't care to". Personally, I
>thought it was immature and crass of you as an artist to talk
>that way about a record that changed my life, so I have a
>harder time taking your music seriously. You show no respect,
>so it's hard to respect you. And I repeat, it was the WAY you
>expressed yourself, as if to say "fuck Midnight Marauders, I
>don't need to hear that shit, you backpackers need to get over
>yourself". Handle your cool a little better, dude.

yo this cat is right though.....