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Topic subjectETHER!!!!!!!!!!!
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90578, ETHER!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by jambone, Sat Oct-06-07 04:38 PM
>this is a new era. it pays to be diplomatic. why? b/c people
>don't have to buy your cd. and unlike the dubbing era, posting
>a link containing mp3s of your album can 'dub' a copy for
>dozens of people outside someone's circle of friends
>(globally, actually), said dozens of people who then can
>virally spread your work to dozens more.
>right now, you're getting reverse word of mouth. discussion
>boards are where some of the most fervent 'word of mouth
>spreaders' are...these are the people who pull other folks'
>shirt sleeves and insist folks listen to little known artists
>or artists who may only have one song on the radio (say, kick
>push, for example). so, now you have a small circle of upset
>people who when your name comes up, they think 'oh yeah, the
>guy who came off like as a--hole at okayplayer'. shrug.
>me personally? someone sent me your album. i was actually
>going to buy it, then this whole midnight marauders fiasco
>broke out. i watched how you handled yourself and you came off
>pretty badly. so, my impulse to buy turned to an impulse to
>shrug (see shrug above).
>and my impulse to spread the word about your music evaporated
>(insert shrug)
>obviously you don't care about any of this though. good luck
>on your path.