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Topic subjecton that, i fully agree...
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90577, on that, i fully agree...
Posted by natlawdp, Mon Oct-08-07 03:11 PM
see, the 'no, i don't NEED to listen to Tribe' thing is ok- i saw a lot of beef with that first transaction and i have no problem with Lupe on that issue.

but after thinking about it, damn- he came back for what? cats that flamed him out are the LAST cats he needs to tell 'btw, Tip asked me to rep 'em and i still have not and don't NEED to listen to Tribe'.

and the worst part- it'd just have been a li'l 150post thread about his very very minor error if he would've stayed ghost on the issue instead of coming off like 'ha, Tip is asking me and i STILL ain't listening to his music!' ('specially when you factor in the 'ps- i fooked the lyrics up too, oh well')