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Topic subjectI'm just dealing with how he came off interacting with his fans
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90576, I'm just dealing with how he came off interacting with his fans
Posted by spirit, Mon Oct-08-07 01:41 PM
People who liked his music were offering to send him MP3s of Midnight Marauders for free and dude was like 'I don't want to hear it'. Tribe is a well respected group, he's friends with their 'frontman', and a bunch of his fans were urging him to check it out. That was strike one, just on some 'wow, my fans want to give me something they'd like me to check out...f--k that' throw-a-gift-in-the-garbage steez. Strike two was when dude came back repeatedly on some 'nyah nyah nyah, I still ain't listened to it'. Strike three was when dude was invited by Q-Tip to honor ATCQ and this cat couldn't take the time to get the lyrics right. I mean, come on. Remembering your lyrics is MC Stage Performance Rule NUMBER ONE. Not remembering someone ELSE's lyrics during a TV taping of a tribute to them after being PERSONALLY ASKED by one of their members to perform is f--king ridiculous. It's unprofessional and it shows a lack of respect for his craft. And now he comes here AGAIN on some 'I f--ked up the lyrics AND WHAT?'.

How childish is that? He ethered himself...

The funny thing is, Tip asked him to perform. Spice 1 probably doesn't even know this guy is alive. SMH.


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