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Topic subjectsarcasm isn't really helping you, but oh well
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90574, sarcasm isn't really helping you, but oh well
Posted by spirit, Sat Oct-06-07 08:56 AM
this is a new era. it pays to be diplomatic. why? b/c people don't have to buy your cd. and unlike the dubbing era, posting a link containing mp3s of your album can 'dub' a copy for dozens of people outside someone's circle of friends (globally, actually), said dozens of people who then can virally spread your work to dozens more.

right now, you're getting reverse word of mouth. discussion boards are where some of the most fervent 'word of mouth spreaders' are...these are the people who pull other folks' shirt sleeves and insist folks listen to little known artists or artists who may only have one song on the radio (say, kick push, for example). so, now you have a small circle of upset people who when your name comes up, they think 'oh yeah, the guy who came off like as a--hole at okayplayer'. shrug.

me personally? someone sent me your album. i was actually going to buy it, then this whole midnight marauders fiasco broke out. i watched how you handled yourself and you came off pretty badly. so, my impulse to buy turned to an impulse to shrug (see shrug above).

and my impulse to spread the word about your music evaporated too.

(insert shrug)

obviously you don't care about any of this though. good luck on your path.


"the aim of an argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress" - Joseph Joubert, essayist, 1754-1824