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Topic subjectRE: lol you ARE right!
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90564, RE: lol you ARE right!
Posted by moonsatellite, Sat Oct-06-07 04:16 AM
>It's late here, and I've been working for around 14 hours on
>this thing that I've been working on, and visiting OKP has
>been my periodic momentary respite during this time. I've
>been getting a little short in the last few hours with what
>has seemed to me to be an overbearing hate on the boards
>lately over every little thing.
>That last response was a little over the top, but I meant most
>of it. This sort of petty self-important hate/whining is one
>of the things that makes me embarassed about these boards, it
>really gets pretty bad here. This Lupe fiasco is just a
>microcosm of it, where everyone has their own idea about how
>an artist should be conforming to how he or she wishes the
>artist should be, and then whines because it isn't so. You
>want to see changes made make your own records dayum.
>But lol on calling me on my crankiness, sorry if I was a
>little harsh.

lol, i appreciate you being diplomatic about it, that's love.
To clarify, I don't care if Lu hates Tribe, loves Tribe. I'm only giving Lu shit because I think he's talented. Too talented to try to be a badass about not liking a milestone '90s record. As a listener, I think he's so busy trying not to look irked by public opinion. In his efforts to appear inpenetrable, he just looks vulnerable anyway. In my opinion, he should drop the 'you can't figure me out' act and write phenomenal, honest music. My intentions are not those of your run-of-the-mill underground fundamentalist. I'm on a different page. I can appreciate where you're coming from, but that's not my bag.

Peace, man.