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Topic subjectNo, seriously, you all need to shut the hell up.
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90561, No, seriously, you all need to shut the hell up.
Posted by Wrongthink, Sat Oct-06-07 02:55 AM
This pathetic whining about how a Lupe doesn't conform to your wishes makes me ashamed to frequent this site. Not just you, of course, you're just one of the whiniest.

But you can't get a pass for bullshit like this, you're the cat that gets the shit smacked out of him if he acts like this in public, don't come here so you can express whiny self.

You should be ashamed of the way you're acting, you're acting like a 6 year old.

You think I'm a Lupe stan? I'm not. I like his music, just not as much as I hate whiny internet cats crying about how Lupe hurt their feelings by not giving their precious enough attention. Grow some fucking skin, I can't believe you survive in the real world.