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Topic subjectWithout forcing it
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90524, Without forcing it
Posted by soulive, Sat Oct-06-07 12:11 AM
I will say that it would still be worthwhile to check out Tribe, the group and their music. The similarities between your music/messages, even with your proclamation of never hearing or listening to them, is just testament that history repeats itself.

I didn't grow up with Marvin or James or Sly but I'll be damned if their music isn't a part of my makeup. Music is devoid of time in its influence and Tribe's music is timeless and doesn't age (shit, at least to me)

Tribe is the most consistent and, my personal favorite, hip hop group of all time. The fact that Tip asked you to be a part of it is indeed an honor but I wouldn't get too caught up in forgetting the words to whatever or handing out online kneejerk reactions to whatever. Worse things can, do and will continue to happen.