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Topic subjectBKyle bullshittin yall
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95795, BKyle bullshittin yall
Posted by Triptych, Tue Feb-20-07 12:59 PM
>okayplayer.com hasn't changed AT ALL since it was created in

He bullshitting you. The home page, news page, and boards have changed numerous times over the years.

>Style, format, look, and layout. All of it.
>Trust me.

They've been similar but plenty of upgrades have been made

>With websites, some things change with the times... other
>things are a lil more timeless... and other things need
>face-lifts like you wouldn't believe!
>It's a matter of taste, style, and well... fuck it, you get
>the point. Haha That "Pro web designer in 1995" line did have
>me DYING though. ouch, son... ouch! lol
>Play nice. It's a crazy world!