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Posted by tdogg1191, Mon Feb-19-07 04:39 PM
>With websites, some things change with the times... other
>things are a lil more timeless... and other things need
>face-lifts like you wouldn't believe!
>It's a matter of taste, style, and well... fuck it, you get
>the point. Haha That "Pro web designer in 1995" line did have
>me DYING though. ouch, son... ouch! lol

agreed, but there are ways of making sites much easier to maintain. by using css to separate the style from the content, no more sitewide search and replaces.

by using css and semantic html, your site can be accessible to everyone, including mobile devices.

just because anybody can make a website, doesnt mean they should. there is a lot of crap on the web.

if you are going to make your own website, please please please use the code view. do not by any means use a WYSIWYG editor, it just produces scary code.

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