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Topic subjectMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
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75681, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Posted by slymata2, Wed Sep-13-06 03:43 PM

Just finished the game (21 hours to do so.

Great game.

What do I do now? It was my first ever Metal Gear Solid Game I've ever played...where do I go from here?

Any suggestions or any like games?
75683, WTF! You never played the first two?
Posted by KnowOne, Wed Sep-13-06 03:56 PM
Great game good ending, but the ending & story line would have a much bigger impact if you had played the first 2.
75685, RE: WTF! You never played the first two?
Posted by slymata2, Wed Sep-13-06 04:15 PM
i know...i came in to work and bragged to my friend about beating it and he just stared at me.

should i go back and play metal gear solid 2 or just read up on it?
75686, play them. Their both great games. But may not be as...
Posted by KnowOne, Wed Sep-13-06 04:25 PM
impressive after playing pt 3.
75687, If you have a GameCube, I'd suggest playing Twin Snakes
Posted by Lach, Wed Sep-13-06 04:33 PM
It's a slight update of Metal Gear Solid 2.
75760, its an update of the original MGS, not part 2 (sons of liberty)
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Sep-13-06 09:22 PM
and the only upgrade is the graphics and cutscenes.....the voices are better on the PS, and most importantly, the music is 50X better on the PS version, maybe even 100X.
75768, I meant MGS1
Posted by Lach, Wed Sep-13-06 09:55 PM
75888, Twin Snakes feels sorta cheap overall too
Posted by ronin soul, Thu Sep-14-06 01:23 PM
75905, there's new controls too, and first person camera
Posted by The Damaja, Thu Sep-14-06 05:11 PM
75906, I didnt consider first person an upgrade, made it WAY too easy
Posted by LA2Philly, Thu Sep-14-06 05:54 PM
and Silicon Knights decided to make the game AI esp the bosses easier anyways(esp when you fight Sniper Wolf(first fight) or Metal Gear at the end, its an OBVIOUS difference in difficulty), then you throw in the first person and there was no real challenge at all.
75703, you can get MSG and MSG2 for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR! /nm/
Posted by jetblack, Wed Sep-13-06 05:21 PM
75707, my problem is...
Posted by slymata2, Wed Sep-13-06 05:29 PM
i bought the x-box just for halo 2....

i'm going to buy the 360 for halo 3...

do i buy the ps3 metal gear solid 4?
75712, I dunno. After 1 or 2 runthroughs, will you play MGS4 again?
Posted by Lach, Wed Sep-13-06 05:45 PM
75759, there's always MGS4 online..
Posted by ronin soul, Wed Sep-13-06 09:20 PM
i'm interested to know what that's gonna be like
75845, yes.
Posted by Shinri, Thu Sep-14-06 09:59 AM
MGS is the only reason I bought a ps2 (3X's
at that).

And it's the only reason why I'm copping a ps3.

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306546, remake announced
Posted by will_5198, Wed May-24-23 09:48 PM

at long, long last
306548, I would chill on excitement until we see it
Posted by Nodima, Fri May-26-23 06:34 AM
The ∆ replacing the 3 has implications enough...

But without Kojima behind this (I'm sure some of y'all love Twin Snakes, but...eh...) and Konami in general being absolutely dormant in video games aside from Metal Gear Survive...I'm prepared for this to be the twisted tea of remakes until proven otherwise.

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306558, IM SO HYPE!!!
Posted by KnowOne, Fri Jun-02-23 10:46 AM
My fav MGS. I just hope they dont screw it up since Kojima is not at the helm. Hopefully its not just a cash grab.