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Topic subjectPhilly Comcasters: Router Setup Help
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71788, Philly Comcasters: Router Setup Help
Posted by sean, Wed Aug-02-06 07:20 AM
I guess this applies to all comcast cable internet subscribers, but whatever...

So I just got Comcast Internet installed again in my new apartment, and unlike the last apartment I had with Comast (2 months ago), I'm having trouble setting up my Wireless router. First off, hardware:

Cable Modem: RCA DCM425 (provided by Comcast)
Router: Netgear WGR614 v4 (updated firmware, provided by me)
Comp: Powerbook, 10.4.7

So my setup works fine if I'm plugged directly into the modem, but the router can't figure out the connection. First, if I let it detect my connection automatically, it thinks I have a Static IP (which I know to be wrong cause I'm not paying for one, plus it doesn't work anyways), but when I try to set it up manually using a dynamic IP it doesn't work either. Here's the settings:

Internet connections does NOT require login
Get IP Address dynamically from ISP
Get DNS Address automatically from ISP
Use Default Router MAC Address

I've tried this with the routers MAC address, as well as spoofing my Powerbooks MAC address (in case Comcast is restricting customers by MAC address) to no avail.

Now I've about reached the limit of my networking knowledge, so I'm looking to you guys for some help. Again, I didn't have this problem 2 months ago at my old apartment with the same router and Comcast service, but different modem (I believe that was a non-surfboard Motorola in case that matters).

And as an FYI, Comcast's tech support won't help me with router config ("not our problem... would you like to pay $5 more a month for our networking service?") and a Google search came up with not a lotta info, but a whole bunch of people bitching about how evil Comcast is.

If worse comes to worse, I may just end up buying a Linksys Modem/Wireless Router combo (which is on Comcast's approved modem list), but I'd like to think I should be able to make this work with my existing hardware, especially since it was working fine just a couple months ago.

So any help would be greatly appreciated, especially from people who might have a similar setup. Also, if there's a link to some info I missed from my Google search, post it up and I'll try it out.

Thanks in advance,

71803, the kind of modem doesn't matter
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Aug-02-06 11:14 AM
if the shit ain't working call netgear. as long as you reset the modem it should work.

maybe your router is just broken. and no, no one at comcast give a shit about your router, and they don't support that combo modem/router if you have problems with it.


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71806, RE: the kind of modem doesn't matter
Posted by Mafamaticks, Wed Aug-02-06 11:35 AM
>maybe your router is just broken.

First thing I thought of after reading that.