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Posted by Solaam, Mon Jul-31-06 10:15 PM
>anything anyone likes is overrated w/ you
>If you're seriously trading in every game you uy, I'm trying
>to figure out what reviews youre reading where you can't
>figure out you don't like them before you buy them.

heh, I've read plenty of reviews that hype up a game with a high rating only to be completely underwhelmed. Kinda like your Chromehounds quick hit. (Cool online concept and strategy but grew quickly tired of it.)

>c'mon man, don't you know that true so-called purists don't
>even like halo 2? to be a true grouch you gotta trade that in
>and only play halo 1 over xlink

Ohhkay. No one's claiming to be a purist. I just don't blindly ride for the X. I like the groundwork that's been laid for Live and some upcoming games. I've just been disappointed. Let's see what the next few months brings, its the first year. I expect the same shit with the launch year of the PS3 and Wii.