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Topic subjectDS is ethering PSP in Japan (sales figures swipe)
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59864, DS is ethering PSP in Japan (sales figures swipe)
Posted by Fisticuffs, Fri Mar-31-06 07:51 PM
Japanese hardware sales for March 20 - March 26:

System: Weekly sales (2006 sales)

1. DSL - 119,986 (382,666)
2. NDS - 39,307 (591,952)
3. PS2 - 34,169 (414,470)
4. PSP - 31,077 (515,550)
5. GBASP 5,627 (82,499)
6. GBM - 4,883 (52,907)
7. NGC - 1,458 (39,853)
8. 360 - 1,415 (30,164) - L
9. XBX - 117 (1,213)- L
10. GBA - 98 (2,089)

DS Lite just came out and it's damn near at the PSP's total. The old DS still outsold it for the week and 06. They did about 150k combined to 34k for Sony just in 06. DS is close to 1 mil in 06 which will double PSP. Even worse is Nintendo is shipping another 700,000 DS Lites.

Combine this w/the UMD debacle and the PSP is has one foot in the grave.

As for software, Nintendo has 15 games in the top 30, PSP has 3.

59866, Hey, the 360 is doing better
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Fri Mar-31-06 08:12 PM
It's almost catching up to the Gamecube.

59869, LOL!
Posted by jetblack, Fri Mar-31-06 08:39 PM
59874, DS in Japan = the juggernaut bitch!
Posted by soul creator, Fri Mar-31-06 09:36 PM
oooh PSP...I'm gon' rape ya...are ya ready? are ya ready? are ya ready?

I got a touch screen, and I do hair!

new xbox live tag: soul shot ya

stewie comments on the zelda delay
59881, I don't sell UMD's I sell candy
Posted by Fisticuffs, Fri Mar-31-06 09:51 PM
59883, DS stand for Dodge Son!
Posted by teech, Fri Mar-31-06 10:28 PM
You see my muthafuckin space ship?
59896, DS is killing cats
Posted by ChampD1012, Sat Apr-01-06 12:55 AM
shocked that the 360 is selling that much in Japan though...

Original Xbox was losing to Dreamcast...

So this is a improvement for them...

Nintendo is gaining some of its mojo back...

But i want to see numbers once the consoles come out...
59900, ... but not in the US
Posted by Samurai_Shampoo, Sat Apr-01-06 01:29 AM
it's around a tie stateside:


PSP Vs Nintendo DS: What's the Score so Far?

The Battle of the Japanese Consoles have been raging for a year and no one has seen this kind of conflict since Godzilla took on Mothra. Twelve months later, the scores, though not final, are out. So far DS and DS Lite has sold a total of 6,385,193 units in Japan (as of March 12). Sony's PSP sold only 3,135,588. The Japanese round clearly goes to Nintendo, but Sony isn't ready to thrown in the towel just yet. The U.S. round is a much closer fight. Of the 5.81 million units Sony shipped to the U.S. by the end of 2005, "more than 4 million" had been sold by mid February 2006. Meanwhile, Nintendo reported 3.97 million units of DS sold in the US by the end of 2005. So basically it's a tie. The fight's not over. And accountants are standing by to crunch the numbers as soon as they come in.

there's no doubt the UMD has been a huge failure as far as movies go, but PSP units are still selling.


get cakey.

59927, Yeah, I know its close in the States
Posted by ChampD1012, Sat Apr-01-06 12:54 PM
I remember when the PSP first came out.....
You could find a used DS anywhere...
Now its the complete opposite...
Alot of the video games stores around me have used PSPs for days...
60030, Wait till the DSLite/NewSMB package comes out
Posted by s t a r s k y, Mon Apr-03-06 07:47 AM
it's over then.
60035, is there a date for that yet?
Posted by GumDrops, Mon Apr-03-06 09:17 AM
60007, Sony has an ace up it's sleeve
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Sun Apr-02-06 08:55 PM
60025, they need to hurry up and release the ds lite outside japan
Posted by GumDrops, Mon Apr-03-06 05:23 AM
anyone know if theres a uk/us release date yet?
60029, 1200 Xbox units
Posted by will_5198, Mon Apr-03-06 07:38 AM
I mean shit

those are like Game.com numbers in the States
60037, What's funny is that it sold less than the GBA for the year
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Mon Apr-03-06 09:29 AM
and I guess by GBA they mean the original one that doesn't even light up since the SP and Micro are both up their individually.

I mean, who the fuck is buying GBA with no lights?
60040, Ummm...that only shows 2006 sales, the Japanese are early...
Posted by wancamunca, Mon Apr-03-06 09:52 AM
...adopters....PSP came out in 2005....those numbers mean nothing really
60047, PSP was out december 2004 in japan
Posted by soul creator, Mon Apr-03-06 11:02 AM

new xbox live tag: soul shot ya

stewie comments on the zelda delay
60041, Nintendo owns the handheld market.....
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Apr-03-06 09:53 AM
and The Doc feels they just might always will.

The evolution of the Game Boy on up kind of makes them the GOATs in that regard despite going up against some rather innovative/stiff competition:

TurboExpress, Game Gear, Lynx (LOL), Nomad (possibly one of Sega's better ideas; wished Nintendo would have done the same -- they sorta did with GBA).

None of those were selling like the Game Boy, but the TurboExpress was probably one of the illest ideas ever...
60044, Why does it seem like we think the Japs are the end all?
Posted by Lach, Mon Apr-03-06 10:05 AM
Just curious.
60049, cause up till recently they were the tastemakers
Posted by James Edward, Mon Apr-03-06 11:14 AM
And the console makers
60051, Even when we see American products that are just as good
Posted by Lach, Mon Apr-03-06 11:43 AM
we'll still find a reason to choose Japanese. Sometimes it's like "Folk, remember Atari?! We can do it too!" lol.
60054, The Xbox is a more PC like experience tho
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Mon Apr-03-06 12:00 PM
It's not what traditional console players are used to. Most of the big name games are ports of computer games (GRAW, COD2, Oblivion), or games that were originally intended for the computer (Halo games).

60056, Point taken and you're right
Posted by Lach, Mon Apr-03-06 12:16 PM
I do want a Tekken and Devil May Cry game outside of PS.