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59965, my review
Posted by L_O_Quent, Sun Apr-02-06 04:32 AM
overall the storyline was well thought out because they expanded on the storyline without interfering with the original story. ex: when Michael kills the police chief and mafia guy that set up his dad's failed killing your the person who hides the taped gun in the bathroom of the restaurant.

gameplay is damn near exactly like GTA with better shooting angles but like GTA the camera sometimes unfairly gets you shot from people you can't see (one of my biggest grips). there weren't enough mission IMHO and you work yourself up to a damn near useless stage of godfather (100% missions complete) yet continue to do solider work. had they put a little more effort into it they would included decision making 'godfather' missions instead of treating you like a solider when your supposedly running ish.

overall i think it's a good, but not great game, and with all of the hype surrounding it one would expect more.