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Topic subjectPost Here If You Still Rock A MiniDisc Player.
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56211, Post Here If You Still Rock A MiniDisc Player.
Posted by randyjenkins, Sun Mar-05-06 03:55 PM
PLease share your extensive collection.
56213, *crickets*
Posted by kwez, Sun Mar-05-06 04:18 PM
56229, RE: *crickets*
Posted by great1 2k6, Sun Mar-05-06 06:52 PM
wake this bitch up. i have one i have about six tapes fill with different cds.
56232, i got 2 of em
Posted by Abbstrack, Sun Mar-05-06 07:14 PM
would have 3 if i hadnt lost one

ive got the sony mz-nhf800 and and mz-rh10

both hi-md ..the rh10 is mp3 compatible

i have no desire to switch to a full fledged mp3 player.

i carry 8 md's with me, each 1gb...

i've also used it to record darkroom lessons, lectures, etc...
56235, RE: Post Here If You Still Rock A MiniDisc Player.
Posted by Illusion Artist, Sun Mar-05-06 07:26 PM
I have 4 or 5 for studio and after hours at the art building and 1 just for the gym.
56240, I'm getting one this week
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Sun Mar-05-06 08:13 PM
For live recording. Either a NH900 or a RH910.

I have a MZ-NF610 but I don't use it for anymore since it doesn't have a line in and I got an iPod.
56242, I had 4
Posted by 13Rose, Sun Mar-05-06 09:13 PM
but none work now. I need a new one because I have a gang of discs with great material on them.
305319, So....I purchased three MD players in the last year
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Mon Oct-05-20 04:42 PM
Here's my current collection:


Also, it turns out some artists are putting their albums on minidisc, kind of like an even cooler and more hipster version of putting your album out on vinyl/cassette. I've purchased 14 minidisc albums in the past year (one was a double album):


I never did get that player I mentioned 14 years ago tho lol
305320, I have two...rarely use them but the sound quality is still the best.
Posted by Castro, Mon Oct-05-20 05:28 PM
305321, got my first a few weeks ago
Posted by hardware, Mon Oct-05-20 08:03 PM
waiting on some more discs to arrive

planning on writing my next album for MD
305326, Slick!
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Sun Oct-11-20 05:18 PM
305327, Nope, but I had one.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Oct-13-20 05:16 PM
Best Buy had a package deal on the mini disk deck and the portable player.
I spent all the money I had back in the day on blank disks so I could make
all kinds of custom playlists.