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Topic subjectSoftware Seconds, Columbia, SC is where you need to go
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51198, Software Seconds, Columbia, SC is where you need to go
Posted by ChampD1012, Fri Jan-27-06 08:13 AM

> I actually have a Saturn in my possession. I
>>don't have any games or extras for it like power cord or
>>whatever. Should I invest a lil doe into seeing what's up
>>this system? Is it worth it?
>Imo, no. Just about every great Saturn game except Panzer
>Dragoon Saga and Nights can be found somewhere else. Most of
>the great games will cost an arm in a leg or be impossible to
>find. If you want to get an old Sega system, you'd be much
>better off with a Dreamcast.
>That's just my opinion though.

They have every video game system known to man. They had alot of Saturn Games too. Including Nights, Panzer Dragoon Saga. It had all the capcom fighters, and all the king of fighters on Saturn. They also had the Saturn RAM expansions as well. They'll also mod your system to play backup copies of your games. And they also have the expansion used to play imports as well. They have a website just google to get the phone number. They'll take orders for ya as well.