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Posted by stead21, Mon Jun-16-08 10:27 PM
>What happened with this system? I remember when it first
>dropped my boy copped Virtua Fighter 2 and I was over his
>house every damned day. The drunk monk was my dude. There were
>so many combos to learn it made the game fun besides the
>incredible graphics. Then we had games like Panzer Dragon. I
>mean what really went wrong with the Saturn? What was that
>cartridge part in the back for? Was is backwards compatible to
>the Genesis? I actually have a Saturn in my possession. I
>don't have any games or extras for it like power cord or
>whatever. Should I invest a lil doe into seeing what's up with
>this system? Is it worth it?

Only the Imports to be honest. Sega Saturn was very big in Japan as opposed to the United States. If you have room for it, I would definitely say go for it. classics like Nights into Dreams, XMEN VS. STREET FIGHTER, Last Bronx, and Shinobi Legions are great games that just don't get old. I gave my Sega Saturn to my sister, but I'm about to take it back. I was trying to do a gaming appreciation type thing for her, but she just plays her Nintendo D.S. That's so Raven game like that bitch just came out yesterday. I bought her cot damn New Super Mario brothers yaw, but she PLAYS RAVEN OVER MARIO. OK, I apologize for going off on a tangent. I actually like the Saturn over the Dreamcast.