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Topic subject"internet is for porn" WOW video
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47539, "internet is for porn" WOW video
Posted by jdee, Sun Jan-01-06 11:02 AM
like damn. the audio was jokes enough when i heard it a while ago. this video just made me laugh again.

47551, RE: "internet is for porn" WOW video
Posted by great1 2k6, Sun Jan-01-06 01:57 PM
47578, people see "porn" and click...
Posted by jdee, Sun Jan-01-06 05:31 PM
but they dont say shit. 100 views 1 reply

LAUGH!! bitches..... damn
47658, i guess people are gettin pissed
Posted by jdee, Mon Jan-02-06 01:16 AM
mention porn + video.

and then the video is of some beast singing about the internet.

47708, funny
Posted by Lardlad95, Mon Jan-02-06 02:31 PM

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